How to play

  • Each location has 2 objectives, a mathematical objective and a game objective.
  • Both objectives must be accomplished in order to progress further into the game.
  • Print out the answer sheet and record all information on it.
  • Page codes for each major page are provided. The page code can be used if you wish to stop, then continue where you left off at a later time.
  • A "Certificate of Accomplishment" can be printed out after winning the game.


  • A calculator is provided. It can be found in the title banner of each page. Once activated, it will remain active throughout the game.
  • Email is provided for extra help on puzzles and problems.
  • Click all icons for needed information, hidden areas, or hints.
  • Other areas of your browser may contain hints.

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Created by M. Cain
Editor-in-Chief: Michael Ferejohn
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