The DVine PImander, an alien being with vast mathematical knowledge, is being held by the Purple Sage and her Toxic Cult. They intend to process it into FUEL. Our sources have traced a connection between the Toxic Templex and the Airtight College. The Airtight College is providing Dissolvent Solvent which is used by the Purple Sage's chemists to break down the PImander's genetic stucture.

You have been assigned the task of infiltrating the Airtight College and obtaining any information you can find on the shipments of Dissolvent Solvent. You must take us to the building and room in which the DVine PImander is being kept. Clicking on the apple or the poster to proceed will signify agreement with the terms of the mission.

Editor: Michael Ferejohn
Created by Mike Cain
Written by Mike Cain and Michael Blaguszewski
Programmed by Michael Blaguszewski, Zack Edmondson, Buddy Wykoff
Art by Mike Cain