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Pete Noir has been a family tradition in our house for many years. I created the stocking hunting game for my three sons. I wanted to add to the excitement of Christmas and give the young boys something to do other than just open presents. I also wanted them to know that they weren’t always the nicest children during the year. As a teacher I see both sides of kids. Most of the time they are nice but sometimes they are not so nice. So to remind them that good behavior does matter, I revamped an ancient European character.

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How to play the Pete Noir stocking hunting game.

◦Cut out the poem and the arrows. Use the different colored poems and arrows if there is more than one child going to play the game. If there is more than one player, searching one at a time will cut down on the confusion.

◦Fill your children’s stockings with as many presents and goodies as it can hold.

◦Take it from where it has been hung.

◦Replace it with the note from Pete Noir.

◦Hide the stocking somewhere in the house.

◦Mark a path to the stocking’s hiding spot with the arrows.

◦(Note) Arrows do not have to be placed on the ground. Arrows can be partially hidden and placed in areas that make the player look all round the rooms.

◦The more creative the path the more fun the player will have finding the stocking.

◦Make sure you have batteries or film for the camera.

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