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Welcome to the Tower 23 Interactive Show Case. Teachers, Students, and Parents enjoy our free activities. Learn from variety of activities in Math, Language Arts, Interactive Puzzles and Games all from the mind of Michael Cain.


Classic Games

These award winning games is what gave Tower23 a foundation to grow on. The concept to learn while playing a game is our goal. Visit and play from the links below to find out more.


Absurd Classic Math Absurd Math Airtight College Angles Geomerty Angle Suspense Dr. Plenobils Lines Geomerty Midnight at the Super Big Soap Scum 7th Floor


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Read some of Mr. E Mikes glorious books. These books are ment to be entertaining at the same time educational to the reader. Read and found out for yourself with the links below


Absurd Math Magazine issue 1 Absurd Math Magazine issue 2 Absurd Math Magazine issue 3 Amusement Park Math The book of not so nice The Red Baboon Mathability in the Real World


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These are Tower23 newest addition to trying to reach out to viewers. Educational and fun try them out, they might surprise you. Visit the links below.


Cards of Doom Fortune Frog Absurd Mall Math Math Build 4 Skill Soap Scum


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New Age Games

These games are made in flash are made to be extra interactive and educational. Join the fun and visit the links below.


Lewis And Clark Sadlier Collection Sadlier Oxford Soap Scum


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These are creative lessons Mr. E Mike come up with and even uses in the classroom. Visit below to see them.


Paper Propeller Geometry of the Ancients