To say that mathematics changed Michael Cain’s life would be an understatement. The long road he took to get to the point where he is now started as an art student. He got his first degree from a rather bohemian art school in Pittsburgh PA. The school has long since disappeared but the experiences and instruction he received there still plays a major role in his life. With encouragement from his mother, he pursued a second degree.

It was at a local community college where he discovered his mathematics aptitude. Mathematics put an order to hislife and changed his art for the better. Seeing what mathematics had done for his life, he decided to become a teacher and help others find the joy and the transformative power of mathematics.
Cain has been teaching for over 20 years and writing mathematical supplements for just as long. He started by creating small booklets for use by his students. Cain could see first had that imaginative story telling and interesting characters engaged his students. He sent his work to publishers and was able to land his first job with Scholastic Math Magazine. Since then, he has performed on camera as the instructer for the “One to One Basic Math” series, written a number of mathematical supplements, and created thousands of online educational materials. He is the creator of highly acclaimed “Absurd Math” the online math game.
Between a teaching career, a thriving education business, and a numerous exhibitions of his works of art Cain still finds time to have a family. The father of three teenage boys and a four year old daughter, Cain feels that with the support of his wife and the love of his family, he will continue to pursue his dream of blending math education, writing, and art.

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