absurd math
Absurd Math is an interactive mathematical problem solving game series. The player goes on missions in a strange world where mathematical knowledge and skill are the ultimate power. Many of the pages have hidden clues and areas. Anytime a player needs help, they may email our staff for assistance. We try to respond within two days. Teachers and parents may email us for answer keys.
 Nomean City

Nomean City is in Level Negative Three of the Absurd Math Dimension. A powerful being has been captured by a cult of pollution makers and you must help save this creature and the mathematical knowledge it holds. Click to play.

Visit the homepage of one of Level Negative Three's evil scientists, Dr. Plenobius. Printout his entrance exam to the Airtight College. Identify flesh-eating bacteria and try to save one of his lab rabbits. Click to play.


The Seventh Floor of the Hotel Unknown holds both mystery and danger. Find out who lives on the floor, and encounter the house detective. Meet another one of Level Negative Three's evil scientists to learn more about the flesh-eating bacteria. Click to play.

The Airtight College is shipping some of its Dissolvent Solvent to the cult members of the Toxic Templex. Your quest to save the alien creature continues, as you search the offices of the Department of Diabolics.
Click to play.
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